Day Nursery, Pre-School and Out of Schools
Day Nursery, Pre-School and Out of Schools

What our parents and children say about us:

"To all the staff at Small Wonders, who have looked after me for the last 4 years, thankyou so much! I have enjoyed being at nursery with you and I will miss you all very much. Thanks again for making my time with you so much fun and contributing to developing me into the happy confident little boy I am now."

from Jack  and Mummy xxx             

"Thankyou so much for everything you have done to start Ryan's life off and prepare him for the big wide world. From his first day, at about 1 year old, until now, he has always loved to come. He has teethed with you, potty trained, laughed, cried and played. We will know he will always look back at his nursery days with fondness.

from Michelle and Gary                                                       

"He has learnt so much and will take this to Big School, where I'll be proud to say that my son went to Small Wonders, thank you."

love Lesley and John                              

"Thank you for a fantastic 4 years, looking after Joaben. You will never know just how much your caring, kindness and support has meant to all of us. You will always have a special place in our hearts.

                                     All Our Love, Karren and Nik  xxx               


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