Day Nursery, Pre-School and Out of Schools
Day Nursery, Pre-School and Out of Schools

What our children and parents say about us

Thank you so much for making Joshua's experience with you so great!

Lisa, Darren & Joshua


Just wanted to thank you for looking after me and helping me learn lots of different things over the past couple of years and preparing me for big school.  I've had lots of fun!

Love James 


Thank you for all the care you have given me.  My favourite time was when the Fire Engine cam, I became fireman Harrison on deck, sprayed the hose and climbed inside the fire engine.  I will miss you all very much.

Love Harrison


Thank you all so much for your hard work this past year, Jake has grown in confidence so much and talks about the amazing things that he does at nursery all the time.

Love Sam & Steve (Jakes parents)


We wanted to say a big 'huge' thanks for looking after Josh over the last 9 months, you've been amazing helping Josh and he has grown up so much since joining.  We will miss him being at Small Wonders so much.

Thank you, love Catherine & Mark


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