Day Nursery, Pre-School and Out of Schools
Day Nursery, Pre-School and Out of Schools




"Our Team - the ability to act together,

as one

Small Wonders prides itself in providing a diverse range of strengths and qualities within our team enabling us to meet your child's individual needs.  We identify and balance the qualifications, skills and experience of our staff throughout the nursery to enhance the overall care of your child.


We promote continual personal development by providing access to available training and higher education.  We build on the strengths and interests of our staff to develop their learning.


We have a structured framework which supports all of our team, from Nursery Assistants embarking on their chosen career, through to Senior Management. 


Within our Nursery we have specific co-ordinating roles for the team such as:

  • Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
  • Equalities Named Co-ordinator (ENCO)
  • Designated Safeguarding Co-ordinating (DSCO)
  • Health and Safety  Co-ordinator


Our Team x 242 years combined experience

= a fantastic day at nursery for your child!



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